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Our Mission

Our Mission is to utilize our expertise and extensive network to empower tech start-ups in the region to achieve optimum growth. 

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About Us

What does HemmaTech Mean?

In Arabic, the word "Hemma" translates to "Drive" or "Passion", and if we add the suffix "-Tek" it turns into a reflexive noun that gives us the complete word "Hemmatek": "Your Drive". We replaced"Tek" it to "Tech" for fun!

Our Vision

To accelerate Kuwait's Tech Industry growth into becoming a global Technology Hub.

Our Strategy​​

We search for and connect entrepreneurs with tech solutions that can be implemented in different industries in Kuwait and regionally by facilitating a relationship between them and our clients. We believe in the power of bringing people together and cultivating the proper business environment for our clients to thrive in to ultimately create long-term solutions. 

Our Team